Inin Nini
Inin NiniSolstice Fern Ritual

ININ is a medicine woman and soul guide from Northern forests in Latvia.She is also part of organizing team of Butiba festival

Solstice Fern Ritual

ININ NINI is a mystic and medicine woman from North who works as a Soul Guide and healer. ININ is a well known voice in Latvia, who talks about the plant medicine, shamanism and mystical path of the Soul.

Her knowledge comes from deep learnings with one of the greatest cantadoras (storytellers) and Jung analysts of our times - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author of the book "Women who run with the Wolves"). As well as from the Dream work studies with her teacher Robert Moss and deep learnings at Mystic School that gave her initiation to guide Souls on their Life Path through most important passages of their lives.

ININ NINI is a part of the world traveling healer family TAITA INTI. Her initiation as a shaman healer comes from Shipibo plant healer tradition in Amazon. In Latvia she works with her M O O N L I G H T tribe to bring healing and change in peoples hearts, minds and society.

ININ NINI is a part of the creators team of BŪTĪBA festival.