Dana Indane-Surkiene

Dana Indane-Surkiene
Dana Indane-SurkieneNatural Voice Work & Free Improvisation

In parallel to the creative activity, Dana has also spent 15 years in organizing various international arts, culture, meditation, transpersonal psychology and social events, conferences and festivals.

Natural Voice Work & Free Improvisation

Dana Indāne – Surkienė is a freestyle vocal improvisation artist and musician. In her masterclasses, she guides people towards the discovery of their natural voice. Her creative adventures extend into the world of music, theatre and performance arts as well as various interdisciplinary projects. She often performs in freestyle improvisation concerts and has launched an improvisation, ethno-music, beat-box, throat singing musical society “Balssbalss”. She is a part of a contemporary musical improvisation trio “O”, in cooperation with the vocal technique multi-master Arvis Kantiševs. Dana is a frequent participant in multimedia projects by the performance artist group “Ideagnosis”.

Dana has completed Master's Degree studies in Contemporary Vocal Improvisation at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (2015), as well as a course in Drama Performance Arts at the Latvian Academy of Culture (2011). She has studied Performance Design at Roskilde University, Denmark. Dana has explored various alternative approaches to vocal and choreographic interpretations under the guidance of several  professors of diverse national backgrounds (Kefa Berlin, Anne Turnpu, Inga Laizāne etc.). She has covered multiple meditation practices and studies in transpersonal psychology.

Dana is a professor of contemporary improvisation at Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music. She coaches vocal liberation classes at the Transpersonal Educational Institute. She has been both a regular and a guest lecturer at the University of Latvia, Riga Business School and Riga Stradiņš University. She also leads educational workshops in Latvia as well as abroad, often within the framework of European Transpersonal Psychology conferences, international music, meditation and yoga festivals.

Alongside her creative endeavours, over the course of 15 years, Dana has actively participated in organizing various international art, culture, meditation, transpersonal psychology and social awareness events, conferences and festivals.

Playful Wolf Woman by Dana D'nae